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Culver Bible Church History

Culver Bible Church was the dream of Mr. Joe Boetsma Sr; a Culver businessman, early in the year of 1951. It was he who made calls on prospective families resulting in a small group of people who began meeting in homes. Later that year, they rented the basement of the Culver Library as a meeting place.

Students from Grace Seminary in Warsaw were the first regular speakers. Mr. Gene Witsky and Joel Kettenring served the first year as student ministers.

The original members of the Church were: Mr. and Mrs. Vance Albert, Mrs. Mildred Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boetsma Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boetsma, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Milton Goble, Mrs. Edgar Kline, Mrs. Wm. Reimenschneider Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Reimenschneider Jr.

In the Spring of 1953, Mr. Maynard Tittle; a recent graduate of Grace Seminary,

was called to be the first full time pastor. He remained pastor of the Church

until he resigned in 1961 to become headmaster of Immanuel Christian School (located in the building in Plymouth where the Marshall County Historical Center is now located).

Mr. Tittle and the board drew up a Constitution and the Church was incorporated on October 30, 1957. The Church considered the Bible to be the sole authority and basis for both doctrine and living, and emphasized in its preaching the main doctrine of the Bible, salvation through the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ.

In 1955 the Church purchased the building lot at 718 S. Main St. in Culver, and the parsonage at 804 S. Main. Then on October 20, 1957. about sixty people gathered for a ground breaking ceremony. Mr. Tittle turned the first shovel, followed by Milton Goble, Chairman of the Building Committee. The building was erected by Curtis and Thews Construction Co., and finished in the Summer of 1958. It was expanded in 1972 to include a baptistry, class room and pastor's study.

The pastors who followed Mr. Tittle were Paul King, Edwin Cockrill, Eric Ryser, Norman Floyd, Thomas Bump, Edward Clark and Daniel Huhn, who is the present pastor.

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